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Serre Chevalier

RyanAir Online Check In

in Turin

The online check in with RyanAir is really quite good in the way that you can get all the trivial stuff done and then just go straight to the gate before 10am for a 10:30 flight. However do note that to do this you need a few details:

  • Date of Birth for each passenger
  • Passport Number for each passenger
  • Passport Expiry Date for each passenger
  • Booking Reference Number
  • Last 4 digits of the card you booked it with
  • A printer that works (you print your own boarding passes)

This would probably work fine for a family where you have all the passports and details at hand, but I did this last night for me, Clive and Ash (This for The Harper Brothers UK 2012 Tour) which was a pain, because I kept having to phone them up for various details  and by the time I got back to the RyanAir site the session had timed out. Of course due to crappy programming it doesn’t actually tell you this until it’s too late so you have to go through the whole process again. A tad frustrating, but livable with.
RyanAir Online Check In
On the plus side the fare was very fair indeed:

From Turin (TRN) to London-Stansted (STN)
Thu, 24 May 12 Flight FR 465 Depart TRN at 10:30 and arrive STN at 11:25
PASSENGERS: 3x Harper Brothers
********77.61 EUR Total Fare
*********0.00 EUR Taxes, Fees & Charges
*********6.00 EUR Passenger Fee: EU 261 Levy
*********0.75 EUR Passenger Fee: ETS
********18.00 EUR Passenger Fee: Web Check in
********18.00 EUR Passenger Fee: Administration Fee
*******120.36 EUR Total Paid
FX rate : 0.88709 GBP
Total Paid in card holders currency : 106.77 GBP

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  • Jackie McDermott

    Dear Sir

    I am unable to access the online checkin and we fly to Dublin on the 5th June 2012.

    I would value any help you could give me on how I can access my e-ticket.

    Best wishes

    Jackie McDermott

    • Hi Jackie. I’m not near a computer at the moment, but it’s something like ‘Manage Itinery’ and then ‘online check in’. Good luck.

    • lesley

      ryan air online check in doesnt seem to be working. How useless.

  • stephen smith


  • stephen smith


  • If you can explain, possibly in lower-case, what sucks about Ryanair – in this instance, we’d be happy to offer it up as advice so that others might avoid the same problems you are experiencing.
    I’m off with them on the 12th, so it would be much appreciated.

  • margaret tinsley

    I’m flying soon with ryana but i cant check in it used to be so easy why have you changed it

  • nocoment

  • rayaner

  • mark

    how do you book a flight without doing a puzzel

  • martin mc keown

    I was muged for 70 pounds by you yesterday at Gatwick for not printing off my ticket and checking in on line I have no printer ,I paid your rip off charge fee of 70 pounds but was given no seat no so the result was being treeted like fool i was told sit anywhere but had to move 3 times because i was sitting in someones seat the looks i got when i found a seat was not good I felt so bad its a shameful way to treet your custermurs I am not good on computers .Now I have no money to spend for my 4 days I am trying to book my seat back and it is hard work another day ruined and stressed .When I get back I am writing to watchdog Your not a good company its not good to be steeling form people, You keep biting the hand that feeds ya and wonder why no one has a good word to say about your dihonest ways.

    • Hi Martin, thanks for the comment. I’m so pleased that people find some use for my site. The problem with RyanAir is you really have to read the small print. Not having a printer is no excuse for not printing your boarding pass unfortunately.

  • mukelenge guy talukanga

    Dear sir i bought my ticket yesterday flying from Manchester to Dublin today at 23:00 ,my ref is FR559 but i cant login to my e mail address for some raisons could checkin for me and senddetail from my mobile phone which is 00353 86 8854210

  • mukelenge guy talukanga

    my passport number is OB0243977. DOB 01/01/1966,EXPIRY DATE OF THE MY PASSP 06 MAR 16,REF NUMBER FR 559
    The last digit 7227
    could u instruct the airport desk to help me check in please

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