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Car Ferries to France

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Car Ferries to FranceYou will have found this page (I hope) by either searching for ‘car ferries to France‘ or you were looking for something to do with Serre Chevalier and stumbled accross it in the process.  Anyway the long and short of it is Serre Chevalier is place where people like to come and a lot of people like to come here from England.  I do this myself quite a lot too as I still have parents and in-laws in England and they like to see their granddaughters.  Now then, yes sure you can fly here – Turin in Italy and Grenoble Airport in France are sort of equidistant (but very different journeys) and we can arrange airport transfers right here on this site with no problem.  But there are still quite a lot of people who like to drive here from England, me included. So bearing this in mind, lets look at car ferries to France.

Well the big players are P&O and SeaFrance who do the Dover Calais route, but personally I despise both of them.  SeaFrance especially, but don’t take my word for it, here’s a piece by my friend Jon Nicholls who organizes battlefield tours on his site HampsteadPals.com.

“On the outward journey, we were delayed by 1. hour 30 minutes, the ‘predictable’ excuse being given as ‘gales in the channel.’ On the return leg on Thursday 23 October we duly arrived at Calais Docks at 4pm to catch the 5pm ferry and were told that ‘Due to gales in the channel’ the crossing would be delayed until 6.30pm. We were then kept waiting on the Quayside at Calais, when the Sea France reps told us we were delayed until 7.30pm. Then 8.30pm. We eventually sailed at 9pm. A delay of five hours. This is unacceptable and is the second time in one month this has happened. We noticed that P & O Ferries sailed as normal. There were no gales in the channel.”

So are P&O any good? Well yes they are as a ferry company, but they ain’t cheap.  I’ve just done a comparison with P&O v Norfolkline (who do Dover-Dunkirk which is about an extra 10 mins or so) and the difference is staggering.  I chose going from UK to France on the 26th Jan and returning on 2nd Feb. Norfolkine’s cheapest fare is £38+£12 fuel surcharges.  P&O is £74! I know that is not staggeringly more than Norfolkline’s £50, but there is something else too – If you miss a ferry or turn up early, Norfolkline will put you on the next one (I’ve never been charged a penny more for this), but P&O have always wanted extra money from me.  So if you coming to Serre Chevalier do consider Norkfolkline when booking your car ferries to France.

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