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Serre Chevalier

Harper Brothers Update

in live music

Well it is now day 6 of The Harper Brothers UK Tour and we seem to be getting into the groove now. Colin & Clives voices have more or less recovered and the show is back up to speed.

At the gig last night at The Horns in Watford they even let us use their Green Room shower. This was just as well considering Clive’s unfortunate incident on Monday night. Here’s a link to more about this.

Notable Serre Chevalier folk there last night were Jason & Claire from hiregopro.com and Dave and Shelly from Maison Larré.

The tour continues in Gloucester tonight at Cafe René and The Ridge & Furrow tomorrow.

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  • What on earth possessed me to click on the link to find out about Clive’s accident?
    What else could it have been. Well at least both ends are working now the pipes are cleared.

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