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Cervelo S1 Ultegra Discount

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Cervelo S1 Ultegra DiscountIt’s only about 8 weeks until La Tour de France comes through Serre Chevalier, so at the moment more attention is being turned towards road bikes rather than mountain bikes.  And how cool are bikes these days?  This one here is the Cervelo S1 Ultegra 2010 Road Bike which is being offered by UK online bike shop Evans Cycles with 20% off.  This means that you save £400, so rather than paying £1999.99 it’s Sale price is £1599.99.  This gets you a 20 gear aluminum framed lightweight aerodynamic bike.

Evans Cycles say, “The Cervelo S1 Ultegra 2010 Road Bike is a versatile and affordable bike, it can climb, descend, sprint, and of course is ideal for breakaways. On top of that it morphs into a part-time TT/Tri bike and it is the most affordable way to ride what the pros ride. It’s aerodynamic without compromising other features. A combination of aerodynamic light weight, great power transmission, and an excellent ride makes this bike an excellent all rounder and great value for money.”

The first thing you notice about the Cervelo is the wing-shaped down tube, even before you spot that the frame itself is made of aluminium – both of which are unusual in top-end road bikes these days. But there are good reasons for both.

Although radical-looking aerodynamic frames are the norm in time trial and triathlon circles, there’s no reason why a road bike shouldn’t be more aerodynamic, even if when you’re riding in a bunch any aero advantage is going to be much smaller. It’s certainly not going to slow you down.

And aluminium? Well, it’s tough. So tough that Cervelo co-founder and designer Gerard Vroomen describes the S1 as “bombproof” and is confident enough to offer a lifetime guarantee with the frame. Which is handy if you crash a lot.

Anyway as you would expect on SerreChevalier.ORG we can offer a Cervelo S1 Ultegra discount: This week we have a code that you can use on the Evans Cycles site from the 16th May to the 22nd May: £10 OFF all orders over £100: here’s the code MJWORDR

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