It’s easy enough to book hotels online, but it’s not always that easy to work out if they are going to be perfect for your holiday. In particular if you are skiing, you need to know how easy it is to get to the ski lifts. This is an honest guide, written by people who live in Serre Chevalier.

Rock Noir Hotel & Spa

The hotel is described as a 4 star ’boutique’ hotel. The staff have always been reported to be helpful and friendly. As you would expect there is a luxurious restaurant and lounge bar. There is an indoor pool and sauna. Massage and other treatments are available. The proximity to the ski lifts is superb. There is also an excellent sports/live music bar over the road, La Grotte.

Hotel Alliey & Spa

The Hotel Alliey is in the middle of the village of Monêtier-les-Bains. So the bonus is that it is in a village with a few pubs and restaurants. It’s a 300m walk to the ski lifts from the hotel. The main deal here is the hotel/spa type of experience. The rooms have satellite TV and free WiFi internet access.

Parc Hotel, Briançon

This is one of the better hotels in Briançon. This is right bang in the middle of the town of Briançon. It’s approximately a seven minute walk to the Prorel ski lift, which is the only ski lift in Briançon.

Le Hameau du Rocher Blanc, Chantemerle

The Hameau du Rocher Blanc is divided into two buildings 200 meters apart, catchily called Le Hameau du Rocher Blanc 1 and , wait for it, Le Hameau du Rocher Blanc 2. They are actually a collection of apartments built in a chalet style on 3 or 4 floors (with lifts). The best bit about them is the fact that they are really close to the center of Chantemerle (Serre Chevalier 1350), so handy for the ski lifts, bars, restaurants etc.

Hôtel Plein Sud, Chantemerle

The Hotel Plein Sud is popular amongst visitors and locals alike. Skiers and snowboarders enjoy the easy access to the ski lifts in Chantemerle. The hotel bar is one of the friendliest in town. The Plein Sud’s restaurant is excellent. It is the only hotel with a swimming pool that can be used all year round too.