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Serre Chevalier

Serre Chevalier Driving Conditions

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  • Richard Kitney

    Hello, great video, looks like the snow is beginning to pile up. Have to say as a general comment re your website/blogs, its absolutely great, and I have been avidly watching since a month or so ago, in anticipation of my ski holiday, arriving on the 28th for New Years, and really thinking we might get some good snow now. Thanks again, wonderfully entertaining, Rich K

    • Rich – that is the sort of comment that makes it all worth while – to be honest Serre Che dot org was just a bit of fun when I started living here – I do sell a little bit of advertising on it, but it is still mainly for fun.

      You are arriving tomorrow and the snow is the dog’s nuts at the moment – it looks like this next week is gonna be a bit hit and miss, but if you don’t mind a mixture of snow, sun and the odd bit of cloud it should be very good

  • Mike Davies

    More of the white stuff we need. Roll on Jan the 9th will be going to the grot (but not driving). Let it snow for happy hour :)

  • heather


    I am hoping to come to Serre che on 9th Jan for a week, I think I’m booked in at the hostel but I can’t get a hold of them but I’ll keep trying LOL. I’m driving up from Turin, do you think I’ll need snow chains? What are the conditions like at the moment?


  • Fergus Rainbow

    Turin road is usually very good, all been done up since the Olympics in 2006.
    Best have chains in the boot.
    Might be a bit late to tell you, sorry, this got lost in the system

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