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Looking down in the mouth? Try Serre Che

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Serre Chevalier isn’t a bad place to live year round, obviously there’s all the snow – and cheap local ski-pass prices – we got air you can’t see, unless they start laying chem-trails and even then these tend to blow away quickly. It’s generally a nice place to live, we don’t lock our doors, the amounts of cups of sugar we’ve lent to neighbours is untold, the kids only carry razors in the sixth-form and it’s generally nice with a massive amount of sunshine ensuring vitamin D levels stay tip-top.
But what to do? Aye that is the rub, not everyone can get an unpaid job writing nonsense for a website. Working the season is possible, but once you’ve had a taste of non-rat race fare, well it is hard to go back.
I tell you something that would work – being a dentist. The missus has to have something done to a tooth that needed to come out involving a temporary fix, but then it will take some time – oh I don’t know, it’s bloody Eur3000 to fix it up, and will take a couple of visits six-months apart to see if it’s done.
Three grand? My first choice would be go to Thailand – I recommend the Vichaiyut Hospital in Bangkok or the BNH on Soi Convent, just on the other side of the road to Patpong. But apparently this is not an option – prude. The Thai for dentist is “more fun”, by the way.
When she was in Paris the other day she had a pricing and it was Eur1500 for the same thing – can you see where I’m going here? That’s right. if you want to escape the rat-race and rip-off hicks who are constantly breaking their teeth biting knots and opening bottles – they’re dental – get on over. You’ll coin it in and have a lovely life, so make an appointment to visit right now – 2.30’s clear.
Don’t say we don’t do anything for you.

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