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Serre Chevalier

Lent is over, time to Paques up the skis

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Actually is should about 1978 years later, but don't get too worked up about it

It’s Easter Monday, which means, of course, Lent is over and all the things you gave up – such as skiing in Serre Chevalier – can be tolerated again.

Actually I’m writing this ahead of time, because I found that pic and wanted to get it all in order so I could fall in to a bottle as soon as Lent ended, which is where I’m writing this from. That said, I’m not certain there will be any snow when this goes to press, so will take a leap of faith and say the higher slopes are holding up and we are seeing spring like conditions on the lower pistes.

Nah, it’ll all be finished for the season and we’re going to have to limp through the summer months talking about cakes we like, kayaking and the occasional bike ride. It’s a shame really as the Alps in the summer are lovely, it’s not a beach holiday to be sure, but at lest you won’t be chaffed raw from sand in folds or laid up with the squits because you had a salad or dodgy ice in your drink.

In the years that I’ve lived here I have come to realise, in an almost epiphanic way, that I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, it’s just a shame we miss an Indian, Thai (that serves), a Chinese that gets the proper ingredients, a Vietnamese, a non-radioactive Japanese,  and a strip club. Other than that we be set.

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