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Riant Val Chalet Apartments

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The apartments in the beautiful chalet of Riant Val in Briançon are your home away from home when you’re on holiday in the picturesque French Alps. Located in the quaint alpine town of Briançon, the self-catering apartments are popular among holidaying families. Renovated in 2008, Riant Val offer comfortable accommodation, excellent amenities and a great view.

The apartments are located within Briançon

Nestled in the backdrop of the spectacular French Alps, Briançon is a quiet town and an idyllic spot to experience a relaxing time away from the hum-drum of city life. Briançon apartments offer perfect accommodation solutions to tourists on ski trips to the Olympic ski resort of Serre Chevalier. The apartments are conveniently located just 7 miles from the ski station at Serre Chevalier and within walking distance from the town’s shops and restaurants.

Two self-catering apartments available

Riant Val offers two types of fully furnished apartments – one of these can accommodate 8-10 occupants, while the other about 4-6 people. Set in a chalet style, the apartments have a large garden and stunning views of the mountains from the balcony. You can gaze at the ski slopes or relax the midst of the orchard trees in the lush garden.

The compact bedrooms have spacious and cosy bunk beds while the master bedrooms come with large double-beds. The larger apartment has a dining room, lounge and a large hall. The apartment for 4-6 occupants comes with a lounge and an open kitchen leading to the living room.

Here are some photos of the apartments:

Equipped with all the necessary amenities, including flat screen televisions to meet guests’ entertainment needs, these apartments in Briançon offer a cosy, home-like experience. There are private car parking facilities available for 2 cars. The apartments are clean and well-maintained. Bedding duvets and new bed linen are provided during the course of the stay, ensuring a hygienic and clean living space.

The homely ambience and comfortable accommodation of the Riant Val Apartments will add to the memorable holiday experience in the French Alps. If youíd like to find out more, please visit Briancon Apartments or our French version of the site: Location vacances Briançon. If you’d like to see where we are on the map, this is the address of our apartments: Appartements de Vacances – Riant Val, 17 Avenue du Professeur Forgeus, 05100 Briançon, France.

We look forward to welcoming you in Briançon.

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